August 25, 2015

Hard to believe it was 2013 before we finally got around to visiting Ireland, especially as we lived so close to it for nearly thirty years. Living in England, we preferred to visit countries that were hotter and drier, which Ireland definitely is not. The Emerald Isle has been on my bucket list for a long time.


We weighed up the pros and cons of taking a bus trip or renting a car, but eventually decided on a six-day hiking holiday with Ramblers (a U.K. organization) and a three-day rail/bus tour with Royal Irish Tours, plus a few days in Dublin. We managed to cover about half of Southern Ireland...

June 9, 2015

Does being a Probus member run in the genes - well for Escarpment Probus member Penny McIlwaine it appears that it does! Penny has the honour of being the daughter of Canada's oldest Probus member! Her mother Jane Murphy was recently recognised by Probus Canada as the oldest active Probian in Canada at the tender age of 101! Jane is a regular attendee at Moncton Women's Probus Club.


Congratulations to both Penny and Jane and a challenge to our other members - are there any others who can claim two generations of active members?



May 15, 2015




23 Escarpment Probians made the trip to Cambridge to visit The Toyota manufacturing facility where Toyota’s most popular car, the Corolla, is manufactured. The plant is unique within the Toyota group in that it is the only plant outside of Japan where a model of the Lexus range is manufactured which says a lot for the quality of the Canadian facility.


The comment most frequently heard among our members was on how clean the facility was, and not just clean but shiny clean! There were areas of the plant that we were unable to visit because of health and safety reasons and these areas were covered...

March 26, 2015

It has been a tradition of our Club that there be at least one funny story told at each meeting. At our March meeting someone suggested that we record the jokes in our Blog so just as we have a running blog of our top wines we will have this as our joke blog! If you tell a joke at a meeting or have one that you'd like to share then please email and I will add it here! Naturally our aim is to amuse not offend!

March 26, 2015

The March meeting of the Escarpment Probus Club had something for all, and yes I do mean the magnificent chocolate cake decorated with our logo! The cake was to help us celebrate Probus month!




We were entertained and informed by two speaker sessions. The first by our own Lorrette Shermet who combined a mini bio with a travelogue and took us to the Tanzania of her childhood as well as today’s Tanzania! It was a story that travelled from Poland, Russia and Siberia to Tanzania and on to Canada with most of the journey captured in priceless photographs!






Lorrette in front of a photograph of a tee...

March 26, 2015

Our Escarpment Garden Club went on a tour Thurs. March 19th to see Canada Blooms at the Direct Energy Centre, CNE grounds.  It was a lovely sunny day and so nice to get out together and celebrate the arrival of Spring.

15 of us took a limo bus that made our day.  Being dropped off at the door and picked up sure beat parking and taking The Go train and then a long walk.

It was a busy day at Canada Blooms and the National Home Show (2 shows in one).  Many of us went to seminars on “Getting Rid of Your Lawn” and “Shade Planting”. Each was an hour long and very informative.  I have since purchased a goo...

March 13, 2015

Click on the link below to get a better understanding of Ireland and the Irish dialects!


A visitors guide to understanding Irish!