Monthly Activities



Car Rally/Scavenger Hunt – Tuesday, November 24th at 1 pm

This event is being finalized and details like the starting location will be shared in an email blast a few days before the event. Sign up will be required so please email or if you will be participating. Give yourselves a team name – whether you are in one car (your bubble) or a team with two cars doing the route via cell phone chat. We anticipate that the car rally will funish around 4 pm. 



Zoom Personal Fitness Trainer – Wednesday, December 9th at 11 am

Winter is coming and it is important for us to keep moving! Maybe think about a New Year’s Resolution! We have been approached by a personal trainer (Eric Daw) who has offered a free 50-minute fitness session focusing on balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and posture. The session will be delivered via Zoom and each participant will be sent the Zoom information a few days prior to the session. Please make sure you register for this activity so the information can be emailed to you! Each participant will need a pair of weights (soup cans could be substituted), a small ball (could be a tennis ball), Theraband or exercise band and a chair. The bands can be purchased in any fitness store, Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart. Each member will need to participate using a laptop, iPad, desktop computer or smartphone. This is something you can do in the privacy of your own home. Stay safe, stay fit!

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