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Escarpment PROBUS Club Of Milton

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Members have the opportunity to hear presentations by interesting speakers at our monthly meetings. Management is always interested in considering proposals for new speakers. Members can send a message to our Program Chair with suggestions.

2024 Speakers

December <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2023 Speakers

January Paul Dias - Famous femmes fatales in history.
February Dr. Sarah Alexander - In Sickness and Health,
How Society Impacts Wellness
March John Jefkins - British Home Children
April Kevin Donovan - The Billionaire Murders
May Colin Best - What’s New In Milton
June John McDonald - The Temperance Movement in Canada
July Dennis Grimm - A Canadian Accountant starts a Vineyard
in Argentina
August Thanh Campbell - Orphan 32, The Last Flight out of Saigon
September Daniel Aonso - Icons of Canadian Music October Martin Capper - PROBUS Canada Highlights
Joanne Millichamp - Formation of Club 10 years ago!
November Ted Barris - Liberation of the Netherlands in WWII
December <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2022 Speakers

January  Chris Pilsworth - Magician 
February  Tanya McCready - Winterdance Dogsled Tours
March Lizzie Knowles - Gardening in Hockley Valley
April Maria Miserendino - Travelling now with COVID
May  Prof. Mark Rector - the ingenuity of Canadian inventors
June Paul Dias - Rembrandt
July Kelly Ground - Mediterranean trip presentation
August Christine Ibbotson - financial advice
September Raj Balasubramanian - How to protect
ourselves from
financial fraud
October DrSharon Cohen - What's new in Alzheimer's Disease
November Ted Barris - Liberation of Holland in the 2nd world war.
December <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2021 Speakers

January Anthony MacDonald - Harness Racing and Fractional Horse
Ownership in Canada
February Steven Dengler - The First Canadian
Helicopter Circumnavigation of the World
March Chris Vaughan - The Night Sky
April Nora Polley - A Glimpse Behind The Curtain at the Stratford
May   Dan Buchanan - The Wreak of HMS Speedy 
June   Dr. David Chandross - The Future of Artificial Intelligence July Dr. Chris Decker - Glenn Gould: His Life, His Cottage, His Orillia

August Michael Gemmell - The History of Georgian Bay Islands National Park

September George Sanford - The Sensual World of the Seasons

October Steve Chapelle - How to keep your digital information SAFE

November Ellin Bessner - Double Threat
December <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2020 Speakers

January <no speaker>
February Dr. Bruce McKay - Cannabis Legalization
March <no meeting due to COVID-19>
April <no meeting due to COVID-19>
May <no meeting due to COVID-19>
June <no meeting due to COVID-19>
July Trial Zoom meeting
ugust Chris Vollum - Social Media and its Implications
September Julie Svensson Watt - Habitat for Humanity
October   Adam Shoalts - A Journey Alone Across Canada’s Arctic
November Sue & David Williams Sailing the Atlantic Ocean
December George Sanford - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

2019 Speakers

January Dave De Sylvia - Green Technology
February  Dr. Stephen Glazer - Demystifying Medical Marijuana
March  Colin Best - The State of Milton
April  Burton Lim - Bat Talk
May  Judith Lander - Cabernet Performer - Life in Music
June  Terry Fallis (author) - One Brother Shy
July  <no meeting due to Summer Picnic>
ugust Ed Dach - Forensics
September  D'Arcy Jenish - FLQ Crisis
October  Pam Calvert - Juno Beach Association
November  Prof. Ken Weber - Humorous - Most Fun
December  <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2018 Speakers

January Ron Base - Milton Author
February  Lesley Page - Courage to Soar
March  Paul Crawford/Martin Capper - Travelogue Austria/Italy
April  Eric Conway - S.S. Keewatin
May  Tim Burrows - Electric Cars
June  Lori Oschefski - British Home Children
July  David Philips - Climatologist
ugust Jane Leang - Bob Rumball
September  David Chapman - Storm Chasing in Ontario
October  Zak Patel - Milton pharmacist
November  Ted Barris - Dam Busters
December  <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2017 Speakers

January Judy Suke - Growing Old is NOT for Sissies
February  Chris Bint - etag
March  Sandi Robinson - Acclaim Alzheimers
April  Duncan Lun - Halton Police Fraud & Scams
May  Lorne Greenwood - Criminal Law Lawyer
June  Wayne Romaine - Ontario Fire Marshall
July  <no meeting due to Summer Picnic>
August Beth Gilhesky - Bruce Trail
September  Tammy Thompson - Estate Taxes & Executors
October  Jim Mclean - PTSD
November  Ellen Rosemann - Consumer Help
December  <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2016 Speakers

January Judy Suke - Humour
February  Jim Rankin - Use of Images
March  PROBUS members - Travelogue Ireland
April  Sean James - Landscaping
May  Rod Black - Driving Over 70
June  Elaine Charal - Handwriting
July  <no meeting due to Summer Picnic>
August Fran Murphy - Genealogy
September  Nancy McLeod - Victorian Medicine
October  Dr. C. Muhn - Dermatology
November  PROBUS members - Sharing our Talents
December  <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2015 Speakers

January  Albert Wong - Afghanistan
February   John Romanetti - Electrical Issues
March   John Davis - Guide Dogs
April   Hans Martin - Bees
May   Keith Pitts - Cross Border Shopping
June  Jim & Sue Waddington - Group of 7 Art
July  Diane Zlimosic - Investigative Reporting
August  John MacDonald - Milton History
September   Bruce Woods - Books as Theatre
October   Thanh Campbell - Orphan 32
November   Katherine Barber - Word Lady
December  <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2014 Speakers

January Maj. Colin Coakwell - Experiences of a Canadian Flyer
February   Renu Choudhary - Pharmacist
March   Majs. Raymond & Joan Piercey - Gander 09/11/01
Marie Decker - Limiting Winter Damage in Gardens
April   Ms. Karen Clegg - Zimbabwe: Then and Now
May  Dr. Frank Stechey - Taking a Bite Out of Crime
June   Ken Weber - History Boring - NOT!
July  Timothy Starr - Growing Old Is Not For Sissies
August Ginger Quinn - The Smarter Way to Walk
September   Jennifer George - Fraud Awareness
October   Dennis Grimm - EPITOME Wine
November   Doug Spooner - Pan/ParaPan AM TORONTO 2015
December  <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

2013 Speakers

October   Larry Flynn - Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
November   Colin Best - Halton Region Master Plan
December  <no meeting due to Christmas luncheon>

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